Moving Pictures™

Ok, everyone has been asking where I make the moving pictures and it’s not ninja gif. I can’t tell you because Zokker downloaded the program for me and told me NOT to tell anyone. But what I can do is I can make you a moving picture on YOUR Fantage account!

“But wait! I don’t want to share the password with you!” said someone. You don’t have to share your password with me. You can change the password on Fantage to Orange, Yellow, or purple! (You most change the Password!) Once you change the password to the colors, tell me how you want your account to be like jumping, winking or waving. Then tell me WHERE you want it to be… like downtown, uptown, Mt fantage or anywhere on Fantage. When I’m done making you the moving picture, you can change it back to your regular password. I will also send it to you so you can have it on your computer.

I promise I don’t hack anyones account. It you don’t believe me you can ask Linda (co-owner) I made one for her and she still has her account.

When I’m done making a moving picture for you it will be posted on this page! You can put it on your blog but just give me credit. If you would like a moving picture of your account please comment telling me your e-mail, your user and where you want the picture to be at. Send me the password you changed to . I make it as soon as possible. =]


Here is some of the moving pictures I made. =] I’ll add YOURS when I make it. :D


These are some of my own moving pictures.


25 Responses to “Moving Pictures™”

  1. ☆linda☆ (not logged in, on wii internet) Says:

    o-ehm-geh u make lott-of moovingg pics :O

  2. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:


  3. uzul5567 Says:

    she makes ALOT of moving pictures

  4. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    JHNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have an idea *ding ding* How about me and linda post our moving pictures on here too but only the perfect ones? I need to have a website to put them on.. if you wanna know why then read this but if you dont just ignore it (it’s complicated)

    The reason is because all of the websites i put mine on have been hacked.. I need to put them on one so just incase my account on my comp gets viruses then i cant get them back on the other account cuz theyre gone on other profiles.. Ik its hard to understand :3

    • ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

      Uh’m, yes.. I lost all of my moving pictures. BECAUSE my computer had viruses, and my dad had to wipe it.. This is what I was trying to avoid. Lol. They sucked anyway. I’m really bad at making moving pictures, sadly. I made 3 perfect ones..Out of like, 27. Sad, right? You have about 124 perfect ones. >.<

  5. 岩石♫~cOoKie~♫岩石 Says:

    Nice! I like moving thigys!! :3

  6. KDgame02 Says:

    i want you to make one for me….. i have the fall festival items on (only two i think) thumbs up if ur jhn!

  7. sugar Says:

    hi im sugar….. im also known as KDgame02 on fantage.. dont believe me? go on red robin (or rose robin) at 3:00 pm on sat. on the 28th (last day of the fall festival) and meet me at mt fantage

  8. sugar Says:

    hi im sugar….. im also known as KDgame02 on fantage.. dont believe me? go on red robin (or rose robin) at 3:00 pm on the 28th (last day of the fall festival) and meet me at mt fantage

  9. sugar Says:

    ignore that one saying on sat… read the next one PLZ

  10. Jayani Says:

    how do u make moving pics?

  11. glitters2335 Says:

    I wanna add you I’m glitters2335 can you make a moving picture for me??? Send it to my email cuz I wanna put it on my website which is, by the way, please please go on it. Thx. I’m sending my account to your email cuz I don’t wanna change my password…..

  12. glitters2335 Says:

    Oh and put it in my house. I want it to jump!

  13. UGGS the bestesxt Says:

    i mailed u lik everythi n i want it in fantage school place anywhere there n i want winkin thxzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  14. fantagevanessa319 Says:

    can u make me one? my user is vanessa319 and can i be winking, at the light house? ill tell u wich color uh on utube wuts ur utube? mine is fantagevanessa319

  15. ♥♥♥~99rabbit~♥♥♥ Says:

    That’s so awesome but it makes me kinda dizzy watching them all…

  16. Kate Peterson Says:


  17. alexis Says:

    i love going on fantage

  18. Shinji Says:

    Thumbs up if u think the gorrila is creepin’ u out

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