This is the Twins Page. All you need to do is find a twin and take pictures. Make sure you have the same outfit on. It doesn’t have to be the same people every time. It could be me one time and someone else the next. We just want a lot of twins. =] It can be a picture/poster or a moving picture. Your choice. =] Have Fun! :D

*Nothing like this on your blog!*



8 Responses to “Twins™”

  1. love is struck Says:

    ha ha thats so funny!

  2. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    I’m on 7 or 8 pictures on here 😀

  3. madison Says:

    this is cool

  4. poppy5 Says:


  5. Butterfly2909 Says:

    Elloz~ I want you to put up this pic.


  6. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Why is the “Me and Amandaher107” picture BIG!!

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